As a teenager, I was always a little different; it's funny as much as I talk and entertain people now, I was the dude on the school bus that didn't say a word, no seriously like not one word for about two or three years and yes I'm talking about in high school. A lot of people thought I couldn't speak. I've always been a little strange šŸ˜†. I was the teenager that would purposely do the opposite of what everyone else was doing; with the mind-frame of not being a follower, I think that was the beginning of whatever it is that makes me who I am. When I think about it, I'm not sure when my transition came, not that I'm perfect now or anything, but I was also one of the rappers rapping about the average things until 2002 and my first son's birth. That's when things kind of change.

Along with my son's birth, I had two steps kids, one being another baby boy that was already three months when their mother and I started our relationship. At that point, something was different, something I believe all of us goes through when we have our kids. As the kids got older, I felt it was my responsibility to do any and everything I could to be a more positive influence. As they got older, I realize the power of music and how negative music was heavily influencing the world and our youth. As my son's turn seven and eight, I decided to create a youth pop music group from my two sons and my nephew; they were called The Pop Rocks and were known for making feel-good fun pop music for kids. they successfully completed a project and release a couple of music videos that are still on YouTube and positively influencing the youth.

I know most assumed The Poprocks was created to make money, but my genuine intentions for the group was to create something that my sons and nephew could attach to before this crazy world demanded their attention, also knowing that kids would connect and follow long story short that's exactly would happen. The Pop Rocks were becoming a very popular local group with kids. Kids were loving the songs, wanting to be in the group, calling my phone, etc. It was a great feeling knowing that it was bigger than just music and that we were positively influencing the youth. A couple of years past and my sons had become teenagers. They lost interest in making kids' music but at the same time weren't allowed to record because of a few issues with their grades. Ā A few yrs later, at the age of 14, my biological son moved with his mother, a situation that I tried to avoid for the last eight years of his life. Unfortunately, Fourth of July 2017, my 14 years old son Eliger Crenshaw, the 3rd, was killed in a car accident along with another 16 years old teen. Ironically a movement that I had starting putting together months before my son's death stood for what I see as A lot of what had to do with my son and the other teen's death. That's when I decided that Be a Leader The Movement would be a movement in memory of my son's life, and seeing how many people he touched in his short time; we want the movement to inspire others. Our slogan is Inspire, Motivate, Be Different, BE A LEADER!ā€¦Please follow the page dedicated to his life on Instagram (Be a Leader The Movement).

A few years before my sons' death, I met a lady named Neka that had a Local publication that I instantly fell in love with, entitled Our Black Family Magazine. The publication was created to connect the community with community companies and organizations. I immediately realized that the magazine was much more than most may realize. I realize it did have the power to create conversation and change; it was at that point that I decided to assist and create awareness where I could, which was nowhere near the amount I would have liked due do to my schedule and obligations. A couple of yrs passed, and In December 2018, The original creator and owner of the magazine, who had nothing but genuine intentions for the publication, decided, unfortunately, it was time to discontinue the publication; I'm sure that was a challenging and unwarranted decision. Knowing the magazine's importance, I Stated that I completely understood and stated that my financial situation was definitely not the best but asked if there was anything I could do to keep the publication alive. Even though my case was not a situation to take on a new obligation as of March 2019, I was proud and grateful to be trusted enough to become the Our Black Family publication owner.

Our Black Family is still being printed and distributed in the communities and has the same goal as when created, to inspire, motivate, give recognition, and connect the community with the community. We have an excellent social and community following, but unfortunately, like most positive things, the lack of financial support makes the existence of the publication a less than desired situation. The quarterly release has been affected lately due to lack of ad placement, which pays for print. With that being said, the O.B.F publication appreciates all past and future support and ad placementsā€¦.even though the publication can be a lot to handle without having a good team and or help, I still have full clarity of the publication's power and importance, just as I did when I fell in love with it. A personal promise from me to the community is that the Our Black Family publication will continue to exist as long as I exist!

Meet Eliger Crenshaw (Yaki Damingo/Clarity Coach EJ)

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