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I am Jade Humphrey and I am the spokesperson for the KOLORBLOK Youth Agency and I am speaking with the knowledgeable and ambitious Ms. Deirdre Muhammed from S.E.E.D. Inc. Ms. Deirdre teaches gardening classes on Wednesday at the Paradise Missionary Baptist Church Garden! We spoke briefly about her work in the community. 
JH: What does seed stand for in S.E.E.D. Inc.? 
DM: Students for Education and Economic Development. 
JH: What is the mission of S.E.E.D. Inc.? 
DM: To teach about food sovereignty, growing our own food, teach economic development through agriculture, and be a positive influence throughout the community. 
JH: What is food sovereignty? 
DM: The right of people to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. 
JH: What is the easiest part of gardening? 
DM: Watching the plants grow because nature does it all. 
JH: What is the most challenging part of gardening? 
DM: Getting the soil right. 
JH: How do you properly water the plants? 
DM: Each plant tells you how much water it needs. Different kinds of plants require more water than others. Herbs don’t require lots of water. While squash plants and fruit producing plants require more water than vegetable plants and herbs. 
JH: How do you know when to water the plants in a garden? 
DM: You develop a schedule and pay attention to the plant just like a baby. When a plant needs water you can tell by looking at it. The leaves droop and the plant looks like its suffering. So, it’s the same way as taking care of a baby. 
JH: What's the best way to make money from a garden? 
DM: To produce healthy beautiful looking vegetables and herbs. So, the freshness of the produce or product [will make a profit]. 
JH: What would you like the youth in Dallas to learn from S.E.E.D. Inc.? 
DM: I would like the youth of Dallas to learn that having a garden or using your hands in the soil is beneficial to life, living, and happiness. We need to redevelop a connection to the things that surround us. Like plants, birds, bees, and the insects because they all have a purpose. So, we’re all a part of this vast cycle of life. And we’re all connected and growing together, while needing each other. 
JH: How can we find you on social media? 
DM: Our Facebook page is @seedincdallastxchapter. I post on a regular basis about things we should be looking for in the garden. So, you are welcome to join us and grow along with us in every season. 
JH: Is there anything else you would like to share with the community? 
DM: I would like the community to know that we are all valuable and that we all have a specific purpose for being in our community. Also, that we should utilize our resources that we have to share, encourage, uplift, and educate each other. And that we can do so many things if we join hands and work together. I like to use the visual of us holding hands and running into purpose and the future. But we can’t do that without the youth! We need the youth and the youth need to know how to grow food just in case anything happens we don’t want you waiting or begging anyone to produce what you can produce yourself. 
I had a great time with Ms. Muhammed during a gardening class KOLORBLOK had with her. We gained lots of new knowledge about gardening from her. For example, she showed us how we can make up to $30 from one tomato! Ms. Muhammed showed me things I had never seen or heard of before. I'm looking forward to having more experiences with Ms. Muhammed within our community. 

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